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The Right Water Can Change Your Life!

Water Delivery Service in Las Vegas

Now you can enjoy the REAL WATER brand – which is considered the best water on the planet! Serving Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder City, Pahrump and now San Diego. Silver Springs Water has the privilege to serve REAL WATER to your home or business. This product is the same water you’ll find in high end grocery stores at a fraction of the cost. REAL WATER is the only company that offers a high ph level of 8.5 with stable negative ion’s on the market today. Others may claim to have the same product, but can’t match our stable negative ion’s in our water. We are so sure you will love our water’s taste and actually feel this difference, we will refund your first order if not completely satisfied. No other water company will offer you this guarantee.

High 8.5 pH Water Delivery

Getting our water to an 8.5 ph level is just the beginning of our proprietary process. We have the knowledge of restructuring the mineral compounds in the water through electrolysis – which makes the water more hydrating than regular drinking water. A simple test using a Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP) meter will show you the negative charge in the water. You will be hooked on the taste and we believe you will feel this difference after drinking our water for a short time. No other company can maintain a stable negative charge and maintain an 8.5 ph level as our Real Water.

Silver Springs Water Delivery Service is Your Choice for Real Water

Silver Springs Water signs up hundreds of customer’s from our competitors each year who have taken upon themselves to switch to a better product, our 8.5 ph Real Water. That puts our competitions behind. Several have resorted to try and copy our water with a cheap version of our Real Water. Fact is, competitors don’t have the technology we have had for many years and are unable to keep a negative charge in their water and maintain a 8.5 ph level for months! Simply put, we are able to show you the difference in our water with any competitors using a ph tester and ORP meter. There is a video on this website you can view a demonstration of testing water that sets up above our competitors. Perhaps that is the reason why Real Water is found in Whole Foods and other high end grocery stores nationwide.

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