HADO exerts huge impact at Oman Comex 2019

The Oman Comex, the 29th edition of the biggest informa […]

The Oman Comex, the 29th edition of the biggest information and communication technology event was held from 17-19 March 2019 at the Oman Convention and Exhibition Center (OCEC). It was the first time for meleap Inc., to attend the huge event as an exhibitor. The three-day event had showcased trends and breakthrough technologies that impact the way people live, communicate, work, and network while displaying products and services relevant to AR/VR, Smart city, Cyber security, 3D printing, and more from over 110 exhibitors from 15 countries mainly in the Middle-eat, Asia, and Europe. It was a huge success with approximately 25,000 visitors as the number has increased from last year.
Under the theme of ‘Digitalizing the Future’, one of the main attractions for the visitors was AR, as HADO was introduced at the conference as its very first-time presentation to the Middle-east audiences.

HADO is a new sport utilizing the state-of the-art AR technology with players wearing ahead mounted display and an armband sensor. The players compete against each other bymaking full use of the ‘energy ball’ or ‘shield’ in a three-on-three, eighty-minutes gamebetween two teams. From the beginners to the advanced, a total of 1.3million players haveenjoyed the immersive experience at 97 sites in 23 countries all over the world. Throughoutthe year, the official competitions have also taken place for a prize and pride.

In fact, the exhibition of HADO was one of the big hits among all other intriguing attractions,drawing much attention from general audiences and technology professionals alike in Omanand the Middle-eastern countries. Having recognized our business as a very potentialmarket, diverse businesses in the Middle-east had shown a great interest in becoming apartner with us or investing in HADO business as a way of offering a new entertainment totheir locals.

As HADO has been expanding its presence in sports market throughout the world, thehands-on experience at the Oman Comex has surely promoted the excitement for the useof the latest technology in the unexplored region.