HADO expands reach to Middle East in Summer in Qatar 2019

HADO, the leading-edge AR technology sports successfully made its first appearance and drew significant
attentions from the locals by introducing HADO PvP in Doha, the capital of Qatar at “Summer in Qatar
2019” festival organized by the Qatar’s National Tourism Council.


To boost the country’s tourism, Summer in Qatar 2019 festival was held as a government-initiated event featuring indoor and outdoor entertainment activities in collaboration with more than 35 public and private partners where HADO was invited by one of the festival’s partners, Virtuocity Qatar.

Virtuocity Qatar offers the highest international standards of gaming and eSports experiences. It is located within Doha Festival City, one of the biggest shopping malls in the country, as one of the four parks comprising the largest indoor and outdoor family entertainment complex built within the mall. As a huge gaming coliseum with 4,500 square meters, it holds a center-located Arena as a multi-purpose venue, over 200 gaming stations and has capacity to seat around 600 spectators.

(the entrance of Virtuocity)

Set-up in the center of the mall, HADO experience booth widely attracted not only the local gaming fans who frequently visit Virtuocity Qatar and are enthusiastic about reaching the new gaming and eSports scenes, but also teenagers and kids visiting the mall who are quite new to the experience.

The highlight of the event was that HADO offered exciting experiences in “Person vs Computer” mode where the players can set from 0 to 10 with the computer lever, corresponding to the level of difficulty from extremely easy to extremely difficult. The winner in the battle against the digital player avatar won a Go-pro as a prize. The enthusiasm reached where the excited players waited in a long line for the full evenings.

(the winner of the first day)

(the winner of the second day)

The locals were extremely excited about having the first-time experience of the world-class AR technology sports in Qatar as eSports market is now growing rapidly in the Middle East due to the weather conditions where indoor entertainment facilities such as shopping malls attract the people especially in summer season. Having found the heat in HADO booth, some businesses from other countries in the region looked for a chance for a partnership with HADO. We see that the Middle East becomes a huge market and the chances to increase HADO sites to reach wider communities in the countries so as to meet the expectations of the anticipated fans in Qatar.